Elementary School Lunch: 07/09 - what is school yogurt?

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Today's tray featured a lovely tofu bowl with the usual veggies and some sneaky shrimp added in, some side salad, rice, and some frozen yogurt for dessert. They're in separate pictures because the yogurt was actually delivered a while after the lunch carts.

The tofu bowl went well together with the rice as usual, and I don't really have any special remarks about it. It looks like it should have had more of a kick to it, or have been more flavorful, but it wasn't. I'm not sure what that sauce was, to be honest. The salad itself had some bits of chicken breast mixed in with the cucumbers and other stuff, with a dressing I can't identify. It was kinda sweet n' sour, probably foreign-inspired with a weird name I can't pronounce.

Our dessert was called "school yogurt" and none of the other teachers had ever seen it before. It had "milk calcium added" and tasted mostly like any regular milk-flavored treat, but with an extra little something you can't really put your finger on. I'm going to guess it's whatever it is they added.

The froyo was a welcome treat since the weather is heating up, and later this week we're actually going to be having some ice cream with lunch! It's gotten warm enough that some of my classes are being canceled in favor of pool time so the kids can cool down a bit. The fans are turned on in most class rooms, and the A/C is turned on in the staff room. That's kind of a big deal, since everyone is usually in power-saving mode. But, they're not crazy enough about it that they'll completely ignore the technology available to make everyone comfortable, because hot diggity the kids are irritable when they're melting.

Calorie count: 665