Elementary School Lunch: 07/08 - Mondays aren't so bad

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Hashudo beef, today's main dish at lunch, has graced this blog once before. It's a tomato-based sort-of stew that's a little like curry but not really. It had plenty of veggies and actual edamame and bits of beef in it, and instead of having it with a tray of rice, we were served cocoa-pan on the side. To round it all off, we had some salad with corn dressing.

I liked having this with bread instead of rice. The cocoa-pan neither complemented nor took away from the main bowl, but it tastes great on its own and was almost like a dessert in and of itself. I dipped it in my food, as did most of the students around me, but I left some for the end. Overall, a great meal to start the week and one I hope we'll see a third time.

Calorie count: 659