Elementary School Lunch: 07/03 - flying fish and cashews

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It was bound to happen again sooner or later - I forgot yesterday's lunch post. But it's alright, I got pictures.

Yesterday's lunch was flying fish. It was accompanied by some salad, of which I got heaps of since we had tons of leftover, some rice, and soup. The above image is someone else's plate, and it's hard to see, but there are two strips of fish there. I only grabbed one of the strips, but I had like triple the amount of salad you see above. The soup itself was pork and veggie with miso added. Overall, everything was tasty, surprisingly enough, even the fish.

Calorie count: 622

Today's lunch was one of our steamed meat and veggie bowls, except it was chicken and cashew as the main theme. The chicken made a nice change from the usual pork, but even with a bit of sauce, there wasn't much taste or seasoning to the contents. I wonder why? Anyway, inside we had green and yellow peppers, onion, bamboo, and carrot added, too.

On the side we had a cucumber salad, which was pretty rad, some rice, and then watermelon for dessert. I ended up swallowing a seed or two... I guess I'll have some delicious watermelon growing in my stomach now.

Calorie count: 644