Elementary School Lunch: 07/01 - tuna, shrimp, and micro-dogs

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today was the first lunch of the month, but it wasn't actually all that impressive. The main dish was hot dog and a mayo-gunked salad, with some soup on the side, a hot dog bun to stuff the contents of the main plate into, and an orange for dessert.

The hot dog itself was tiny, about half the size of the bun, if that. It was tasty, and we had some home-made tomato sauce to go with it. The salad part was pretty bad, though. I mean, I guess it's good if you like mayo and tuna, but I didn't care for it much (mostly because I'm not into mayo). The bread was rather plain, but I was able to deal with the salad by stuffing it in there with ample tomato sauce plus the little dog.

The soup was shrimp ball soup, with a few extra veggies dumped into the broth for good measure. I don't care for shrimp, so I just had the other bits. The orange was the highlight of this meal, for sure.

Calorie count: 654