Comic Thoughts: 'Hawkeye' Issue #12

Comics and MangaKristina PinoComment
Since I'm so late on this I decided to just make this a simple "thoughts" post.

Putting aside the fact that Hawkeye #11 will be tough to top for a good while, 12 was another great offbeat issue. It featured Clint's brother, Barney, much more heavily than any other character, and also gave us a glimpse at their past. I'm glad that we're still kind of on [mainline] story break right now, because I like getting all of the side and background information. Now I understand why Clint is the way he is a little bit more, and I also understand some of the stuff that happened last issue.

Not all of it, though. Nothing about Kate or where the story is headed, really, but I loved that brotherly hug at the end. My understanding is that the annual will focus on her.

What I liked with this issue, though the content was pretty heavy, is that once again the team doesn't rely on words too much to tell the story. There's this amazing harmony between the visuals and the snippets of dialogue we do see. This time around, Francesco Francavilla did the artwork (including colors) instead of David Aja. I still think Aja is number one, but Francavilla's art style worked well with the narrative here, especially since Clint wasn't the focus and there were some flashbacks.

The colors were much moodier than the usual fare, though the palette was still pretty simple and stuck to mostly orange and blue. I think that the color scheme added to the drama in a good way.

Overall a cool issue, and I'm looking forward to both the annual and the next section here featuring Barney.