'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' S1E08 - Bombad Jedi

TV and AnimeKristina PinoComment
This episode of The Clone Wars focused on Padmé being a badass and Jar Jar being Jar Jar. She's on a peace mission with C3PO and Jar Jar Binks, without any armed guards, when she is taken prisoner by the very senator she's trying to assist, to be turned over to Viceroy Gunray. Jar Jar and C3PO had been left behind to "guard the ship," so they were able to avoid being put away with her. But it should be fairly obvious that it's difficult to keep Padmé anywhere against her will for long.

Though we got to see her being cool, resourceful, and capable, we also got to see Jar Jar in his attempts to rescue her. I'm probably in the minority here, but I have never had problems with him as a character. I think he's funny and charming, so I was pretty pleased to see him feature heavily in one of these episodes. He spends it all trying to do the right thing, but his clumsiness gets in the way. In the end though, he trumps the droids by taking to the waters and befriending a huge slug monster. Jar Jar shows all of the qualities that make him interesting - his intense loyalty, and sometimes uncanny ability to inadvertent genius. In this case, deciding to robe up as a Jedi was a more brilliant idea than he knew. At least, it makes up for him destroying Padmés ship by mistake.

I'm hoping we'll get to see more episodes like this in the future. Maybe not so much of bumbling Jar Jar, but of Padmé out on diplomatic missions and getting into trouble that she can get herself out of. She's great at avoiding being a damsel in distress.