'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' S1E07 - Duel of the Droids

TV and AnimeKristina PinoComment
This episode is the second of a two-part droid mini-arc. My thoughts on the first one went up last week.

I learned a few things about R2 this episode. The first, and most incredible thing, is that he can somehow reassemble himself after being pulled apart for the purpose of having his memory invaded. The second, is that he can completely out-perform and fight off a much more advanced model like R3S6, which turned out to be a spy for Grievous. Finally, I learned that R2 would make an amazing lead in a spy movie.

I liked that Ahsoka took on General Grievous on her own, and that she succeeded in only surviving long enough to get back to Anakin. The scrap heap escaped (again), and lost an army of droids (again), leaving him no better off than he'd been before. I expect Dooku isn't happy with him at all these days, especially now that he's lost not just a big ship, but an entire listening post for the Separatists.

One of the things I was thinking while watching this episode is that the pacing is pretty quick, and between the jumps from mission to mission and the animation style, it really feels like I'm watching a video game happen. This isn't a bad thing - it just makes me wish there were a game exactly like this that I can play right now.