'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' S1E05 - Rookies

TV and AnimeKristina PinoComment
After the Malevolence arc, Anakin is still feverishly trying to locate Grievous, who (unbeknownst to the Republic) has hatched a new plan to destroy Kamino at the outer rim where Clones are produced. The outpost guarding that area is mainly manned by rookie Clones who are not fully trained, yet placed because the Republic is short on troops. The outpost is attacked as Commander Cody and Captain Rex are on their way for an inspection. When they get there, only three Clones have survived the surprise attack by drones.

This episode focused mainly on humanizing the Clones, giving them personalities and making us - the audience - feel sympathetic towards them. Many perished, and there were a few heroics to drive that point home. Commander Cody dropped a heavy line when he told his team that they weren't just defending a base for the Republic, but they were defending their brothers-in-arms, and the closest thing that they, as Clones, could call a home (their production/training facility). Later, Rex inducted the surviving Clones into the 501st Legion.

Upon further thought, I guess if Grievous had succeeded in destroying the facility at Kamino, many more Jedi might have survived Order 66. But then again, I wonder whether they would have even made it to that point without the Clone army? It's a weird cycle of catch-22s that's making my head hurt.

Anyway, I'm glad to see that writers weren't afraid to make episodes that didn't focus on the Jedi. We're back to Anakin and Ahsoka next time though, and some R2D2 action, so I'm looking forward to that.