'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' S1E03-4 (Shadow of Malevolence, and Destroy Malevolence)

TV and AnimeKristina PinoComment
I ended up watching the rest of this arc all in one go, since things got pretty exciting during episode 3 (Shadow of Malevolence).

Anakin decides to arrange a counterattack on General Grievous now that he knows about the ion cannon and the general location of the ship, Malevolence. He takes a fleet with him (including Master Plo Koon) to intercept Grievous as he focuses an attack on a defenseless medical center on Dooku's orders. After some inspiration from Ahsoka, Anakin successfully maneuvers the mission to disable and damage the Malevolence and send Grievous into retreat. This whole section focused greatly on Anakin's ego, which he sets aside when he accepts advice from Ahsoka to make a change to his plans halfway through their mission.

When it came to episode 4, Destroy Malevolence, the spin here was Padmé shows up with Threepio after getting some rigged instructions from Darth Sidius. It's the perfect moment for Grievous to "take her hostage," and thus prevent the Jedi from destroying the Malevolence completely. As he scrambles to get everything fixed, Anakin infiltrates the ship with Artoo and Obi Wan. The political outcome here is that Grievous loses some major face with Dooku, though we already know he survives this.

What I both liked and disliked about Shadow was that Anakin, once again, reconsidered something because of Ahsoka. Though I like that she's so thoughtful and straightforward, there's no point in him being her Master if she's always going to appear to handle critical situations better than him. Yes, Anakin still has plenty to teach Ahsoka, but I kind of hope that he'll surprise her at least as often as she inspires him. I guess it's kind of a weird gripe, eh? I'm rooting for Ahsoka because I think she's an awesome character, I just don't want it to be at the cost of making Anakin look incompetent, when he ends up becoming the most powerful Jedi that even Yoda wouldn't have dared battle.