'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' S1E02 - Rising Malevolence

TV and AnimeKristina PinoComment
This second episode of The Clone Wars introduces young Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, in the first of a three-episode arc. Ahsoka is introduced with a strong show of character, in which she speaks out to the Jedi council in favor of going on a rescue mission in hopes of finding Jedi Master Plo Koon. Plo Koon was on a mission to try and discover some mystery weapon being possessed and tested by the Separatists, and the entire beginning of this episode is the massacre that his mission becomes, from which only the Jedi and three storm troopers escape by life pod. Previously, no survivors had ever been found on other such missions, so the council had ruled that it was safer to avoid going to the site altogether.

Though Anakin chastises Ahsoka for speaking out, he later tells her that her desire to look for survivors wasn't wrong, but her wording was. The mischievous side (and passionate, justice-seeking side) of the young Jedi kicks in when he flies out with her on a small ship in hopes of recovering anything from what is assuredly a total wreck. Once they get there, tension runs high as we watch them trying to find signals, and the escape pod trying to figure out how to stay alive. This episode could have gone two ways - the survivors could have very well all died, and it would have made for a hard lesson for both Anakin and Ahsoka. Or things could have turned out as they did. Either way - the predictable part was that Count Dooku and General Grievous were going to spot Anakin's ship and try to destroy them. Obviously, they get away, otherwise there would have been no original trilogy.

The big moral in this episode was having conviction, which is no new trope so I won't get too much into it. As with last episode, there was also a line (delivered by Jedi Master Plo Koon) about the value of life, and about how he values all lives, including those of the clones. And of course, Plo Koon represented a strong connection, as Ahsoka explains it was he who found her and brought her to the Jedi.

With Plo Koon safe and sound, the Separatists have witnesses -- someone on the outside (and worse - from the Republic), now knows about their ion cannon. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.