iOS Gaming: Disney Mobile's 'Where's My Mickey?'

GamesKristina PinoComment

The latest addition to Disney Mobile's physics puzzler games in which you need to guide water to the proper pipe, Where's My Mickey?, has just recently been released. At a glance, it seems like an unneeded reiteration of a formula that worked rather well in Where's My Water? and found success with Where's My Perry? and all of their holiday spin-offs. I shouldn't have been surprised to learn that

Mickey? is actually a tie-in game for a new animated series.

The new tie-in game is done in the same kind of animation as the new show - vintage-feeling and goofy-looking, giving us the nostalgic feeling for the old-timey black and white cartoons of yore, except modern-like and in color. They're absolutely hilarious, and breathe new life into the Where's My..? games. When you download Mickey?, you start with four full-blown episodes that each have 20 stages (60 attainable stars) and plenty of attainable achievements. Besides the stars, you could collect various objects hidden in the sand and unlock special Pluto challenges. And if you feel like making some IAPs, you can buy some Goofy levels. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves, though.

Mickey needs water for his lemonade stand so he can cash in on thirsty beach-goers in the sweltering heat. He's trying to get water from the fountain, but it's up to you (the player) to guide it there. Besides the usual dirt (sand, this time) breaking during the basic levels, Disney Mobile added clouds and wind that we need to manipulate in order to get through each stage. It's actually pretty neat, and since the clouds drift with the wind, it all comes down to perfect timing for some stages.

After each stage, there's a funny little animation of Mickey pouring the water into his lemonade bin and then dropping a lemon (or a hundred lemons) in it. The lemons do different things, and some of the scenes actually made me laugh out loud. When you're done with the first episode, you get a cut scene, and then you can go back to the menu and pick the next episode and load up new challenges. At the time of writing this review, I went as far as beating the first episode before making an assessment.

I'd recommend Where's My Mickey? to anyone readily, now that I know it isn't just a lazy rehash of the other Where's My..? games. I like it better than Where's My Perry? , but I'm not sure whether it beats out Where's My Water? since Swampy is an all-original character. And of course, sometimes you just can't push aside the first in a series as being the better of the rest. Anyway, rest assured, Where's My Mickey? is worth your time and dough if you like physics puzzlers and The Mouse. It's charming and fun and challenging, and utilizes a sort of humor I haven't seen in Disney in a while. It's refreshing.