Friday Things: 06/21 - Neil Gaiman, bomb pendants, and bad trailers

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[Another week gone by...! 

The rainy season has kicked up in my area, which is both a good and bad thing. It's good because we need the rain. It's bad because now I'm actively battling mold that threatens to invade my apartment. I've already lost a small towel to it - very upsetting.]

On Books:

New terms have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, and some of them are about the internet.

Do all your friends talk about Neil Gaiman and say you should read his books, except you have no idea where to start? Jeff at Book Riot is here to help.

I know, I already linked something from Book Riot, but here's one from Eric Smith titled 7 Books You Should Never Give Out On A First Date. It's funny. Read it.

Neil Gaiman tweeted a link to this review of his latest book (The Ocean at the End of the Lane) by William Alexander on the Star Tribune, and named it his favorite review thus far for revealing nothing of the plot but explaining what the book was about.



On Japan:

I follow Andrew Evans on Twitter and keep up with where he is in the world, but I hadn't really watched much of his video content until he tweeted a link to an old one he made about the daily life of a Japanese student. Since it's relevant to my current daily life, I clicked - lo and behold, his video is on point. If you're curious about how Japanese school children do their thing, here's a peek.

I've written about the prize figures that are in the UFO Catchers in Japanese arcades. I hope to make this a regular feature, but let's not get too much ahead of ourselves.



On Disney:

Discovered this gem via Nick Pitera on Twitter - beautiful Disney Piano Medley I by AJ Rafael.

The trailer for Frozen is awful, as well as late. It looks like an Ice Age short, and tells us nothing about the plot or the female lead character. What gives, Disney? The movie is slated to hit theaters soon, and nobody knows much of anything about it. Marketing fail, much?




(via Fashionably Geek) lovely Legend of Zelda jewelry - I can't ever pass up sharing these. Check out the Hylian Crafts storefront.

Interested in news about the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII? Here's some information about the characters we can expect. I'm still rooting for the rumored female lead character, though there doesn't seem to be a matching male twin for her, which slightly dashes my hopes for Jaina and her brother. Though, who knows, maybe he just isn't going to be a lead, and thus wasn't a part of this casting call.

[That's it for this week! Enjoy! Have a great weekend!]