Friday Things: 06/08 - Saturday edition - books with a side of doughnuts

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[It's late, but I managed to get this thing up during the weekend after all. This week I've been trying to figure out how to properly enjoy my spare time. It seems like a weird thing, but having a steady full time(ish) job with steady hours leaves me with more free time than I've had in a while. This week, I've been using it to read and re-watch shows instead of doing what I'm supposed to - play a game for review. I'll get to it, though.]

On Books: 

While the folks at Book Riot were out at BEA, they bumped a bunch of older posts from earlier this year that turned out to be popular. One I missed altogether is this one about what to do when a friend lends you a book you don't care to read. It's definitely a delicate situation sometimes. I personally guide myself by the third bullet listed there - I gauge how important the book is to my friend, if it's a close friend, and always read it if it's important to them.

100 free eBooks all written by 100 different authors. Go read something.

Six Great Movies for Book Lovers by Maria Vicente on Quirk Books. I haven't actually watched some of these - they've been added to my backlog.


(via Geeks Are Sexy) There's a neato French animated short called In Between by Gobelins, about a girl with crippling shyness and anxiety, which takes the comical form of a blue crocodile. In the course of the story, we see how she conquers/tames it.

Second time Pat Carroll (voice of Ursula the Sea Witch) makes an appearance on GeekeryDo! This time, she's exploring the Little Mermaid ride at WDW, and she talks about Ursula a bit. Choice quotation: "[Ursula's] bigger than life, and she loves it."

(via The Mary Sue) Instead of "The Chicken and the Egg," this short asks the question, "The Chicken or the Egg?"



Other (and shameless self-promotion): 

Friday was National Donut Day. I wrote a thing for Quirk: Around the World in 80(ish) Doughnuts! I promise, I am not turning into a food blogger.

(via TOR) Do you watch Game of Thrones and long to travel to the Northern Ireland locales they shoot at? Here's an itinerary.

(via Geek Crafts) If I knew how to knit, I'd do it with lightsaber knitting needles.

[Enjoy! Check back soon for more comics reviews and TV stuff - I'm pretty excited about some books I've just picked up. I'm also watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and writing about it. Besides that, I might, just might, do a weekly Pokémon re-watch using the Pokémon TV app. Finally, I've made a huge dent in my photo editing backlog, so I'll finally be sharing pics from the past few months soon! Yay! ]