Elementary School Lunch: 06/21 - z'omg pineapple

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's lunch was another fresh one. It was Chinese style again, but we had a different sort of saucy bowl to enjoy instead of the usual tofu. There's some salad on the side with some rice, and some thawing pineapple for dessert. Mmmm.

The main dish is called subuta, which directly translates to vinegar pork. Despite its name, the bowl was rather sweet, and it had the usual chunks of vegetables (and even some quail eggs) mixed in with the chunks of pork. It was rather good, but not my favorite. The salad was the usual crunchy salad, but we had home-made dressing today. The pineapple was perfect - just slightly frosty by the time we got to eating it.

In today's picture you're also getting another look at my mug with green tea in it (I ate in the staff room this time, so I was able to have some green tea instead of water), and my chopsticks. All the teachers and students take their own chopsticks to school each day (or keep their set in their desks) to eat with unless the meal calls for silverware. It's all in an effort to be environment-friendly - to reuse your own pair of chopsticks instead of going for disposable ones.

Calorie count: 668