Elementary School Lunch: 06/20 - cheesy pumpkin

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's lunch had a bunch of new things in it. The main dish was fried fish, with some salad and soup on the side, and bread instead of rice.

The fish was on a skewer, and I can't really find any translations for it, but it was described to me as a sort of tuna. The salad had basil Italian dressing, which was sweet-tasting and not creamy in the least. I rather liked it, enough to have a second helping when one of the teachers came around with leftovers to distribute. The side bowl with soup was a Macedonian soup, which was just chunks of vegetables served in a light broth.

To round it off, we had this absolutely divine pumpkin bread, and a packet of squeezable cheese to use as a topping for it. The bread was soft and sweet, and you should be jealous.

Calorie count: 599