Elementary School Lunch: 06/17 (and 18) - Italian with a side of surprises

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Today's post isn't so much a double lunch post as just a... well, you'll see.

Yesterday's lunch was Italian style! We had some Caesar salad (Mexican, I know, but whatever!), which had  the usual crunchy greens and cucumbers mixed in there with little cheese cubes, corn, and croutons as our side dish. The main dish was a heaping bowl of spaghetti, which had mushrooms, carrots, and other vegetables mixed in. Our dessert was an egg pudding, which was much like a "flan de huevos." Everything was pretty rad - no complaints here, and not a single bit of food left on my tray.

Calorie count: 619

Today, one of the local elementary schools had this sort of cultural celebration and welcomed various foreigners that teach English in the area (either in schools or to adults) to have some fun with their students. We were to teach them about our cultures and play games with them, and we also had lunch at that school. Normally, all the elementary schools in my town have the same menu, and I was very excited about today's hamburg steak lunch. But I found out early on this morning (before I moved to the other school), that I was to be served fish today. Not just any fish, but exactly this sardine tray which we ate at my school last week.

I was disappointed when I learned this, but when I got back to my home school, I found this on my desk. It's great being loved. By the way, it was delicious.

Calorie count: 655 on the lunch tray (I skipped the milk and the sardine today though, so I consumed a bit less than that)