Elementary School Lunch: 06/13 - chocolate and Italian go so well together

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's lunch featured a bit of this and a bit of that. We had a meatball and vegetable soup as our main plate, a seafood salad on the side, and instead of rice, our carb was cocoa age-pan.

The meatballs and veggies were tasty as usual, though the broth was kind of lackluster. After eating all the good stuff, I was left with just a little watery-looking broth and left it, because it wasn't tasty enough to drink. The salad, though called "seafood salad," only contained a little bit of random chunks of fish, and a few wads of seaweed. It was mostly cucumber, carrot, and other crunchy things, plus a few pasta shells. It had Italian dressing this time around.

Finally, we get to the bread. It was another variation of the very tasty age-pan (that deep fried bread we've seen before, with sweet beans and green tea powder), but this time with cocoa powder. It was actually crazy how much chocolate was caked onto the breads this time around, and most of the students looked like they'd been drinking a thick hot chocolate or melted chocolate bar by the time they were finished. It was glorious, and surprisingly went well with the rest of the meal.

Calorie count: 607 (surprisingly low considering the bread, but the soup and salad were actually pretty light)