Elementary School Lunch: 06/12 - show me the beef

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Continuing the trend of tasty and appealing lunches, today's featured gyudon, soup, and cherry jelly (by jelly they mean it's mostly like jell-o) for dessert.

Gyudon is basically a beef bowl, though our rice was in its usual red tray. We ate it in the same way some of our other bowls are arranged - dump the main dish in with the rice. The beef was cooked with onions and mushrooms, primarily (add some carrots, etc.). The soup itself was pumpkin miso soup, which was absolutely divine, with actual chunks of pumpkin mixed in there (also note the brighter color for the broth). Besides the usual veggies, the soup also had some bread in it. As for the cherry jelly, it had been frozen, so it was still kind of frosty by the time we were eating it. I need to remember that for future jelly-eating times, because that was tasty.

Also, cheering today because tomorrow, we're not having rice. Ooooo.

Calorie count: 661