Elementary School Lunch: 06/10 - extra sweets

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Our lunch today was another home run. The main dish featured crunchy salad with regular Japanese dressing, and a croquette-looking thing that was filled with minced pork and vegetables. The bowl on the side, rather than plain white rice, was a mixed rice that had tons of seaweed among other things. Dessert? Blueberry tofu cheesecake. Mmm. That random green packet there was some sauce for the pork and veggie thing.

As a bonus, one of the moms came by with a roll cake for the staff room. There was just enough for us teachers that eat in there (rather than in the classrooms - today I was on break from eating with the kids). It was fluffy and light, with some whipped cream and strawberries in the middle. I don't have a picture because we all had to sneak the cake so the kiddos wouldn't see us - haha.

Calorie count: 679