Elementary School Lunch: 06/07 - curry day, beef edition

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Curry day! Curry day!

I love curry day~!

Today we enjoyed a heaping bowl of beef curry, which had actual pieces of beef in there, mixed in with the usual veggies. The side salad was the usual greens mix with the addition of those clear, crunchy, fibrous bits of seaweed, and the usual tray of rice. The curry wasn't really the usual thick consistency that Japanese curry tends to have, possibly because it's just cheaper to use more water, but our kitchen staff made up for it with all the other savory things like potato, carrot, edamame, and onions.

The dressing for our salad was home made, with a bit of soy sauce as the base. The salad wasn't soaked in this, it was more like.. lightly seasoned.