Elementary School Lunch: 06/03 - Kick off June with Italian

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

It's the first lunch of the new month, and we kicked it off with some delicious Italian. Penne pasta featuring onions and some kind of ground meat (my money's on pork), a piece of omelette with melted cheese in the middle, some minestrone soup, and kuro-pan.

The omelette was surprisingly tasty, and it had some yellow cheese in the middle. Rather than the usual rolled sort of sweet-tasting egg, it was more like a pan-fried patty. The penne itself was also good - onions really enhanced the flavor, and I'm glad we had it seasoned with parsley instead of gunked up in sauce. The minestrone soup was great, as usual, with lots of good stuff in there including celery, cabbage, tomato, carrots, sausage, and more.

We've seen kuro-pan before, incidentally with a different penne meal. There wasn't anything special added to it, and altogether went well with the meal. But I would have given it up for either a dessert or a second helping of anything else on the tray instead. Still, today's lunch was a winner.

Calorie count: 653