Comic Thoughts: 'X-Men' Vol. 4 Issues #1-2

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I was excited when I first heard that there was a new X-Men comic starting up. I've never read any X-Men before, and then hearing it was going to feature an all-female team as the main characters was even more thrilling news. I picked up the first issue right away, but didn't get to read it until the second one came out and I gobbled them both up in one sitting.

This book focuses on Storm, Psylocke, Rogue, Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, and Rachel Grey, and doesn't feel the need to stress that it's an all-female team or anything. It just goes, and we see a team who is in perfect harmony working together, playing to each others' strengths and weaknesses, and taking no chances (despite repercussions they may face later with other administrators of the Jean Grey School). I absolutely love the attitude, tone, and depth that the first issue conveyed to start things off, not to mention that the team behind the book really came out guns blazing with the first enemy here.

In issue #2, the fast pace keeps up. Arkea has inhabited Karima Shapandar's body because of her ability to control technology. John Sublime, one of their biggest enemies and twin brother of Arkea, is more interested in the X-Men defeating his sister than antagonizing them, apparently, and the leading ladies warily accept his help. Kitty Pryde is instructed to neutralize Arkea/Karina completely, but she hesitates. What I liked about this bit is, nobody yelled at her or told her off for "failing." They just called for a regroup to get back on the move and the story kept going forward. And of course, issue #2 ends with a nasty cliffhanger.

One of the things I especially like about this book is the artwork. It's got movement to it, with some great coloring and ink work complementing the line work by Olivier Coipel. And of course, Olivier just does a fantastic job drawing these women without detracting from their characters by making them look overly sexualized. They look fantastic and sexy just as they are, without 3/4ths of their bodies bare. Unfortunately, I couldn't fit the names of the entire team behind these books in my tags, so I'm going to list some in the body of my post.

Colorists: Laura Martin, Matt Milla and Christina Strain
Inkers: Mark Morales, Scott Hanna and Olivier Coipel

Some of the team members behind this book have also worked on Hawkguy, which makes me love them even more. Namely Alan Fine (exec. producer), Alex Alonso (EiC), Dan Buckley (publisher), and Joe Quesada (chief creative officer).

If you like reading good comics, you should probably pick this one up. No question about it.