Comic Review: 'Hawkeye' Issue #11 - Pizza is My Business

Comics and MangaKristina PinoComment
Oh em gee, Hawkeye got a Pizza Dog issue. Some folks were a little wary, feeling like it might have just been a fluff issue that didn't add anything to the story, but even if it had been, I'm always down for some fun with side characters. In this issue though, we didn't get fluff at all. We got a brilliant show of storytelling that relied on images and impressions rather than actual words and dialogue.

Since we're in Pizza Dog's perspective, everything in his world is a string of associations. He associates Clint with coffee and dog food and his bow and arrow, and he associates Kate with flowers and martinis and passion. There's an awesome little infographic that pops up for every person that Pizza Dog glances by with his web of associations for that individual, and I find that absolutely genius. It tells a story without having to rely on spoon-feeding it to us word by word.

Another point I'd make here is that Pizza Dog, though he's generally just roaming around and going about his life, is experiencing things that are important to us in the Hawkeye storyline. There's some stuff there at the end that made me anxious to know what story bits we're missing. And the whole part where some seductive lady-pup lures him into another apartment and tries to keep him from discovering the bros in the building? Perfect.

Pizza Dog is portrayed here as basically a dog version of Clint. Things just kind of happen around him, but his sense of justice (or his libido, whichever comes first), will always get him moving. That or the distraction of pizza.

I'm impressed with and in awe of what David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth along with Matt Fraction were able to do with this challenging issue. It is charming from start to finish, and the art and coloring style really shone bright. I can't think of another team right now that would be able to pull this off in such a perfect way. Simplistic color schemes and no narration, portraying the life of a dog while some crazy stuff is going on in Clint's life? No easy task. And on top of that, everything had movement to it. I felt like I was sitting back and watching it all happen before my eyes instead of reading it from my iPad's screen.

I don't give scores or ratings on GeekeryDo, but if I did, this would be a 10/10; a definitive recommendation, even for people who haven't read the previous 10 issues. It tells a story that we've seen before in a completely different way, and we don't have to know what's going on with Clint's life because we are Pizza Dog, and Pizza Dog is us. Just do yourself a favor and give it a read.