Thoughts on: 'The Courtship of Princess Leia' by Dave Wolverton

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Though I've always called myself a Star Wars fan, and have generally kept track of some of the happenings in the expanded universe, I've never actually, until now, picked up a book or comic that continues telling stories in this universe I so enjoy. Part of the reason why is because there were just so many different Star Wars books to choose from that I had no idea where to start. It wasn't until I saw this article on TOR by Emily Asher-Perrin that I finally turned my attention to this little problem and decided it was time to fix it.

After checking out Emily's list and asking around, The Courtship of Princess Leia won out as the definitive must-read, and I dug in. I'm not framing this as a review, though... just putting some thoughts down before I move on to the next thing.

I can't pin down exactly what it was about the writing that didn't totally "do it" for me. The story just sucked me in hardcore, and I was with these characters all the way, but just something was kind of bugging me throughout. My current hypothesis is it's just the language of the genre, and I haven't read enough sci-fi to fully appreciate it. It didn't stop me though, and it won't keep me from reading more Star Wars books.

The story itself is just so bizarre and unabashed, that once it was all said and done, I couldn't really imagine things going a different way between Han and Leia. It's one of those things where, I already knew that they stay together and have kids and continue having adventures, but it never occurred to me that they'd have such a wild ride leading up to their wedding. And why wouldn't they? Their characters simply demand it, and their personalities were set to clash at some point. Some bits were predictable, but none of that is the author's fault, since I already knew some "spoilers" about the continuing adventures of various characters.

I liked all the main characters in this book, and now I'm especially interested in reading more of Luke's adventures as a Jedi. I'm about 99% sure that it doesn't exist, but I'm still intensely interested in reading more about Yoda as well, something I mentioned in a previous article already. The next Star Wars-related book I'll be reading is Heir to the Empire (Thrawn Trilogy book 1). I'm looking forward to it!