Only the Best: 'Skyrim' covers

MusicKristina PinoComment

I've been finding more and more talented geek musicians on YouTube lately, and figured I'd start compiling collections of some of my favorites, separated by category. The first one is Skyrim because just yesterday I was exposed to two different covers that I absolutely loved, so here ya go.

It was hard to choose a song I liked best out of Malukah's repository, because huzzah for vocal covers! Seriously, this woman has the voice of an angel, and I have a good friend to thank for bringing her to my attention. Also consider checking out her blog.

Bonus: File this under "cover-ception" - someone covered Malukah's cover! It's rather pleasant to listen to.

Peter Hollens will come up twice on my list, only because he was a guest on someone else's cover of the same song. Here's the video for his solo a cappella version. This version of the song is available for download directly from the artist, too.

Since we've got Peter in there, let's highlight Lindsey Stirling's cover featuring him. I love most of Lindsey's work, and her videos are outstanding since many people get involved in the production. Apart from being able to download the song (or any of her other music), you could also just get some sheet music.

Jason Yang is one of the artists that I discovered yesterday (way too late). All of the music on his channel is spectacular, but of course, this list is about Skyrim. Like Miss Stirling above, Jason plays violin. Like what you see? Hit that download link.

Piano is my favorite instrument, so there was no way I'd let any cover list go without at least one featuring the best stringed instrument. I'm also partial to the fact that this is a geek girl duo (Taylor Davis and Lara). They have released a cover album together that you could totally buy and enjoy with your ear holes.

Advait Nemlekar didn't stop at the piano arrangement. He added strings and a synthesized orchestra behind him. Don't mind the cheesiness of the video and just enjoy the music. You could also download this track.

Am I missing anything?