Friday Things: 05/17 - speeches, music, and fancy shoes

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[Hey, it's Friday again! And this time around, my link dump isn't ridiculously long. I tried to keep things mostly to the point. Enjoy!]

On Books, Writing, Authors, etc.:

Some clown wrote an article on HuffPo titled, "What's a library?" and, though the title makes it seem like we might read something lovely and enlightening about an institution that is growing (not shrinking, against popular belief), it's actually an awful read. Here's a run-down of what sucked about it, and what you should read up on instead.

(via GeeksAreSexy) I like snazzy commencement speeches. Here's a good one by David Foster Wallace.

John Green talks about common grammar mistakes. It's always good to brush up.



On Japan:

Green tea beer has made my list of things I need to try at some point this year.

I recently reviewed a book for Japanator titled Kojiki. Give it a try if you're into Japanese myth, or anime!



On Music:

This week, Nick Pitera uploaded a video to spread some anti-bullying awareness. It's a cover of Live Like A Warrior.

Peter Hollens' latest video (feat. his wife Evynne) is a Les Miserables medley. Enjoy! It's 100% A Cappella.

The Piano Guys' latest video is a cover of Phillip Phillips' Home. No lyrics - just piano and cello.


Yay, Scurvy Scallywags is submitted to the App store! Here's a trailer.

Wear your love for Hawkguy on your sleeve. By the way, Matt Fraction's commissions on these tees go towards Futures Without Violence. The only problem is, no girly tees. Sometimes, I feel like the lack of girly tees in nerddom seriously helps perpetuate the whole, "boys-only club" thing, which is the farthest away from reality, but still an unwelcoming feeling. That doesn't mean ladies shouldn't buy the Hawkguy gear, it just means that I personally won't, because I like wearing clothing that's designed with my gender in mind.

It's too bad these are only ornaments... I'd totally wear these Disney character-, princess-, and villain-inspired shoes!

(via GeeksAreSexy) Shopping malls are designed to make you spend money, and here's why.

(via Jeff Green) Ever wonder what Tatooine looks like when not occupied by Star Wars characters?

Angelina Jolie, who was at high risk for ovarian and breast cancer, chose to have a preventative double mastectomy in order to reduce her chances and thus, stick around longer to raise her kids, among other things. Her article on the matter is wonderful.

[Have a beautiful weekend!]