Friday Things: 05/10 - vampires, wizards, and zombies

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[Woop, TGIF! Got any plans? I personally am ridiculously happy because I bought myself a spiffy new camera bag and I'm excited to wear it out. It's so pretty! Basically this bag, but a light blue color.]

On Books: 

If you don't follow Maureen Johnson on Twitter, I suggest you start now. She's usually rather fun, and more importantly, she's recently brought up the issue of gender in the world of authors, and how some men don't bother reading books by women because the covers of their books are "too girly." The result of this is Cover Flip. Maureen challenged her followers to create covers of books written by men as if they were written by and for women. HuffPo has a collection of covers.

This week, the last Sookie book by Charlaine Harris was released. There'll still be some short stories and such in compilations, but in terms of the big stuff, it's over. She wrote a thing for TOR about ending it. Now, everything would be fine and dandy if her "fans" weren't so rabidly upset with her. Seriously, what's wrong with people?

(semi-related: True Blood Season 6 trailer!)

I've never backed a Kickstarter campaign before, but I think this is finally going to be the one. I missed vol. 1 of Start Here by Book Riot, but thankfully it was so popular that they're funding a second one. Basically, it's a guide to reading books by particular authors, for folks who don't know where to start. Consider being a part of it! Only $5 gets you a digital copy. $10 gets you a copy plus vol. 1 if you missed it.



On Games:

Plants vs Zombies 2! Ah!

(via Kotaku) awesome Pokémon art for charity! All 151 of the original monsters have been recreated by 151 different artists. At the time of writing, there are still five days left to bid on this artwork.

On Harry Potter:

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is already rather awesome, but perhaps in response to WDW's Fantasyland expansion (this is my personal hypothesis), it looks like Universal Studios plans another of their own. Diagon Alley will be added to the Wizarding World! It's going to be in the Universal Studios park, and you'll be able to go between parks/lands via the Hogwarts Express. Epic!

Lovely, simple, cheap, Harry Potter-themed bracelet. I'm sure it'll make a great gift! (wink, wink)



On Japan (shameless self-promotion): 

Recently, I wrote about what happened at my elementary school's evacuation drill - what the procedures were, and what the kids learned that day. I wish that our fire drills in the US were half as enriching.

There's an ice cream called Pino, like my name! I ate it on video. It's ok, I don't really know why, either.




The argument for boob plate armor ends here - it has been proven that wearing that can kill you.

Do you like webcomics? There's an app for that.

If you're a big fan of all things Disney, or just a big fan of Disney music, you might be interested in The Lost Chords. The music that was shelved in favor of the classic tunes we know and love today.

(via The Mary Sue) Do you like bad jokes? I love bad jokes.

[Alright, that looks spiffy for today. Enjoy the weekend!]