Friday Things: 05/03 - Saturday Edition

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[It's a little late because I was having some computer troubles! But all is well. It's also Golden Week in Japan right now, so hurrah for holidays! I'm off until Tuesday, which is awesome.]

On books:

Are you an author? That's cool, just don't be awful and, like, be a jerk to people who don't like your books; or worse, sic your fanbase on 'em.

Absolutely love geeky weddingsThis shoot is based on Neil Gaiman's novel Stardust.

File this under awesome shelving ideas... these shelves look like paper blowing away.

Shakespearean Insult Bandages. Need I say more?



On Photography:

This is apparently kind of old, but fstoppers brought it back - Brad Pitt took some great photos of Angelina Jolie a while ago. Sometimes, it's not about your skills as a photographer, but rather the passion you have for the subject. And it shows.

Glow sticks + waterfalls + long exposure = I can't adequately describe how beautiful the results are.

RocketNews24 pretty much wrote the perfect, most descriptive title for this one: "Sunrise Over a Sea of Clouds at Nearly 10,000 Feet."



On Video Games:

I seriously need to play Guacamelee.

If you're clear for Skyward Sword spoilers, there's a good argument on TOR for a Zelda-as-the-hero Legend of Zelda game following the events that ended that one (or really, any title that had her taking a more active role in the story).




In case you've been following any of Disney Interactive's web series and shortshere are some of their upcoming projects.

via my buddy Romney, check out ten words about love that don't exist in the English language.

A new momma attended a panel with Wil Wheaton and asked him why it's awesome being a nerd. His response (in video) is wonderful.

Tinkerbell goes steampunk!

via Geeks Are Sexy - this girl might be my new favorite YouTube geek musician. Like, she's giving Lindsey Stirling a run for her money in my personal rankings.

[To make up for this being a bit later than usual, I made it a bit longer than usual! Have a great weekend!]