Elementary School Lunch: 05/30 - Nagasaki style

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's main dish was chanpon noodles, which hails from Nagasaki. The noodles themselves are just another variety of noodles to my untrained tongue, but what makes it quite different is the broth, which contained veggies and such alongside seafood. There was some shrimp and other fishy chunks mixed in, and plenty of narutomaki. Naruto are basically minced fish that are pressed into these white rolls with a pink swirl in it. I didn't take any pictures of them today, but I found an image I took of a previous lunch, which is to the left here. These little things are also cut out to look all pretty - I feel like they're more decorative than anything, and don't taste like much, but then again, they are made of meat.

Besides the noodles, portioned in a bag as our noodles tend to be, and the broth, we had a crunchy salad heavily featuring a sort of radish (kiriboshi daikon) with sesame dressing, and a lumpy sort of bread to enjoy. The bread thing wasn't prepared in our school's kitchen, but it's a Chinese-style steamed bun that's still a little sticky by the time you get to eat it. Ours had some chestnut in it, probably ground since there were no chunks. I was slightly apprehensive of this lumpy dough thing sitting on my tray, but actually it was quite delicious. And since the broth was so tasty, I actually also left about half of the noodles in that bag. I'm still feeling guilty about over-eating the other day.

Calorie count: 638