Elementary School Lunch: 05/29 - Korean encore

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Way at the beginning of the school year, our very first school lunch was bibimbap, which is a Korean dish, with wakame soup, strawberries, rice, and milk. It was amazing, and I had high hopes we'd enjoy that dish again later on. Today, my dreams came true as we once again were served bibimbap, but the tray had plenty of differences from that time. For one thing, we didn't get strawberries for dessert. The meat itself looked different - I have no idea what those dark things in there are. We also had a cabbage and veggie soup instead of miso.

Today, I had seconds of the greens, and for the first time in ages, ate all the rice in my tray. And then a co-worker gave me a ginger cookie and I was able to enjoy dessert anyway. Win-win!

Calorie count: 662