Elementary School Lunch: 05/28 - sweet, fishy encore

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Look familiar? This is a repeat of a sweet and salty sardine, a main dish we've had once this year already. The salad is back to the usual lettuce and crunchy pickles, and today the dressing was kind of salty, but also had sesame seeds in it. The miso soup was the usual veggie and tofu mix, but with pork mixed in. Toss in some rice and the milk carton I didn't drink, and you've got today's full meal.

I didn't make a food post yesterday because I had the day off!

You got a bonus lunch post on Sports Day, though. And I'll spice it up even more; sometime soon I'll post about a kind of food I had for the first time this past weekend at a specialty restaurant in Tokyo.

Calorie count: 661