Elementary School Lunch: 05/23 - seconds

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

I've had Japanese curry, and I've had udon, but today was the first time I've ever combined the two together. And it was good.

Besides the bowl of curry (pork and veggie), we had a plate with mashed potatoes and more veggies (carrots, corn, etc), and some yogurt. The yogurt had prune and iron, though the look and consistency of it was of plain yogurt (i.e.: no fruit chunks were in there). Also, for the first time this year, I totally over-ate because I got seconds, both of curry sauce and the potato plate.

I still had some noodles left over after finishing the first bowl I was served, so I, along with several other co-workers, got a sauce refill. Some of my male co-workers went back to the sauce pot a few times, actually. The mashed potato/salad plate was appealing because it wasn't cold. If it had been a cold potato salad, I wouldn't have cared for it. Especially if it had mayo and other gunky stuff in it. This was just plain mashed potato with the other boiled veggies added.

Calorie count: 690. Yep, I totally went over today. I guess it's a good thing I mostly went over on vegetables, since I didn't get udon noodle seconds. I also didn't drink the milk, despite showing it in the image. This was a co-worker's tray.