Elementary School Lunch: 05/22 - I eat you, killer tofu

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Internet cookies if you can guess the reference in my awful pun in the headline!

Today's main dish featured tofu quite heavily, and it was cooked with some pork and veggies in a bowl of delicious wonderful-ness. The difference is we had some shiitake in there instead of bamboo. The salad on the side featured mostly these long-ish clear beans with a little bit of ham and cucumber mixed in. The other side dish is, of course, a red box of rice. Shown in the picture is my cup of green tea (instead of milk).

Same as the last time we had a Chinese day with a tofu bowl, I pretty much ate everything except a portion of the rice. It's just way too tasty, and all those veggies can be filling. Even now, as I write this four hours later, I'm not starting to feel hungry like I might on most days already.

Calorie count: 669