Elementary School Lunch: 05/21 - double up fish

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I'm doing another double post today because I suck and forgot to post my lunch yesterday! Don't you worry... I didn't forget the picture. I just forgot to post.

Alright, so yesterday we had seafood stew, some salad, and raisin kuro-pan. The stew had plenty of veggies, along with shrimp and other bits of fishy things, but since it was all creamy and stuff, mine was drained before I ate it. The image that I took (above) is someone else's tray with the proper amount of broth in there for the benefit of you lovely readers.

The salad itself had something new (for me) in it, too. A kind of seaweed that looks clear and crispy like small pieces of plastic, except obviously not. A co-worker told me that while it's a zero-calorie food, it's quite fibrous and thus, good for you. I took an extra picture of it just because I love you. If it's too small, you can click on the image to get a good look.

This is the same deal as a lunch I've had previously, except it was baked with some delicious raisins in it. I was tempted to claim one of the leftovers (there were two people missing that day), but while I deliberated someone else snatched it. That's what I get for hesitating!

Calorie count: 629

Today's lunch was quite tasty. The salad was more wild than usual with a little bit of corn added. It was dressed in standard Japanese, and accompanied by a piece of fried fish (I'll update again when someone can tell me what kind it was - I'm actually not sure!). The bowl had some steaming veggies and meat, which was a bit different from the usual steaming bowl - some string beans snuck in there! My usual cup of tea is in view, along with the red tray for rice, of which I left half because the veggies filled me up.

Calorie count: 698 (yikes! That's quite a lot for a meal that wasn't even saucy. I wonder what hiked it up - the fried fish?)