Elementary School Lunch: 05/14 - for real this time

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Today I can finally, for real, say that I had salmon for the first time. The last time I posted that, it turned out that we had actually eaten trout. A co-worker was very sure of herself when telling me today's lunch featured salmon though, so hurray for me! And like I said last time, I suppose I'd do it again. I wasn't one way or the other about it, but it wasn't bad.

What's all that black stuff, you ask? Why, it's seaweed! Lots of seaweed, with some carrots, konjac (a kind of potato that tastes like nothing but feels like firm jelly), and fried tofu mixed in. This, together with the salmon, made for some funky breath after lunch. But thankfully the Japanese tend to brush after every meal, so we didn't have to deal with any repercussions. I'm not even kidding, though -- they'll brush their teeth at their desks and then get up to go rinse at a sink somewhere. And until their teeth are brushed, they cover their mouths to speak so as to not offend anyone with their food breath. I've also taken to brushing after lunch and keep a toothbrush and some toothpaste at work now.

The bowl there is another iteration of miso soup, featuring pork, potato, carrot, and onions today. The picture is a little weird-looking and there's a chunk missing out of the fish and rice because I forgot to take it before digging in! I was just curious about the fishy plate.

Calorie count: 642