Elementary School Lunch: 05/13 - that isn't mold, it's just green

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's lunch was another rousing success. Our main dish was a won ton soup, which had some pork and veggies in it. In this version, the meat wasn't wrapped in the skins, but all of the necessary ingredients were still there. On the side, we've got some greens (lettuce and cucumber), with tiny blocks of some kind of cheese, and Caesar dressing. Our dessert today was blueberry jelly.

The fourth item on there, inside the bag, is another kind of age-pan. If you remember, the first time we had kinako age-pan, which had some soy bean powder on it. Today it was matcha age-pan, which had matcha, or powdered green tea on it. The bread itself was the same deep-fried thing. It was absolutely delicious.

Calorie count: 636