Elementary School Lunch: 05/07 - veggie revenge

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Does the above tray look familiar?

Why yes, this is a reprise of a pork, veggie and seaweed bowl that I had towards the end of last month, except this time we didn't get any fruit for dessert, and the salad had plain sesame dressing rather than a creamy one. It was just as delicious the second time around, and I'm hoping this is one of the plates that'll get reused rather often.

Today, the principal ate two helpings of the veggie bowl. The reason behind that was because rather than just one huge pot, the folks in the kitchen had to make the same thing separated into two in order to prepare enough for the entire school. Since there were two different pots, the principal had to eat two heaping bowls of the stuff. Usually, I'd say I'm not jealous of him and this particular task, but considering how good this dish is, I would have definitely gone for seconds and given up my tray of rice (of which I still left a third, anyhow).

Calorie count: 652 (including milk carton, not pictured)