Elementary School Lunch: 05/02 - funky combo

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

It's a tad late, but here's a look at my lunch from Thursday!

The main plate consisted of pasta and fried fish, accompanied by kuropan, soup, and dango for dessert.

The pasta was penne with home-made (school kitchen-made?) tomato sauce, which tasted divine. The fish today was horse mackerel, which was rather tasty, too. On the side, there's a cabbage and bacon soup, with some sneaky carrots in there for good measure.

The kuropan (this literally translates to dark bread, or black bread) is a little darker because it contains brown sugar as a key ingredient. As a result, it was just a bit sweeter than typical white bread, and it went well with the rest of the meal.

The wrapped thing you see there is the dango. It's a kind of sweet, sort of like a dumpling. The outer bit is made of a rice flour dough, and the filling was anko, or sweet bean paste. These were all hand-made by the kitchen wizards as well, and they tasted amazing. Having them wrapped in leaves and appearing like an oversized candy was a nice touch and surely a lot of work, too. The leaves looked like they're from bamboo.

Calorie count: 678.