Elementary School Lunch: 05-10 - double feature

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Whoops, I forgot to share yesterday's lunch! So today I'll give you both that and today's.

Yesterday, our main dish was udon, with a side dish of boiled veggies and little fishies. Dessert was "pudding," which is more like a custard, or for my Spanish-speaking friends, flan de huevos, complete with a little caramel/sugar syrup at the bottom. 

The way udon worked here was we dumped the warm noodles a little at a time into the broth, which contained pork and veggies, and then ate them together. As for the side plate - I wasn't feeling adventurous enough yesterday to eat fish that were staring back at me, so I didn't partake. Yeah, I know; I'm a wuss.

Calorie count: 675

Today's lunch featured another wonderful miso soup, and the side plate had some salad with sesame dressing and this boiled pork with onion and stuff on the side. The miso soup was more on the plain side - some green onion, tofu, seaweed and carrot. The red tray is rice, as usual. 

Not much to comment here, though the pork was interesting today. It didn't taste like much of anything, but then again, that's just me, the person who is used to food being seasoned and salted, talking. The salad was uber tasty, though. I would have gone for seconds of that. 

Calorie count: 644