Comic Thoughts: Marvel's 'Hawkeye' Issue #10

Comics and MangaKristina PinoComment

It's a little late, but I finally got around to reading Issue #10! I was pretty excited about it, because I'm interested in getting some background for the new killer that showed up in the story.

This issue also incorporated artwork by Francesco Francavilla, which came out looking nice considering the circumstances. Lots of flashbacks, and one ballsy move by Kate rounded things up here before we started seeing more comic flashbacks modeled from panels from last issue. Sad ones, I might add. I'm still not over what happened the last time (still spoiler-free for now!).

I'm getting a real creeper vibe from this new character, since he was kind of just watching Kate towards the end of this issue, but then again - he is a hit man, and probably after Clint. I guess Kate won't have to worry about him for long.

Despite the different art style, the theme with the colors (this issue: Chris Eliopoulos and VC's Clayton Cowles) remained themed as usual. The flashbacks with the new villain were a bit more detailed than usual, but otherwise it's the same pleasant look that I've come to love with this comic.

Can't wait for next time!