Adventures in Gunpla: SD Knight Gundam

PlamoKristina Pino2 Comments

Now that I'm in Japan, I'm seeing gunpla at pretty much any store that also sells toys. Like, you go to a store that has some kids toys, and there'll be at least a corner of gunpla somewhere tucked away. Big store with lots of collectibles and more high-end toys? A boatload of gunpla!

So now I find myself trying (and failing) to avoid the "bug." I've bought two SD kits so far, and the first one was Knight Gundam. I picked this one up because I like the design, including the actual eyes and spiffy cape. This one also transforms, and I guess I'm not technically 100% finished since I didn't build the transforming parts, but the Gundam itself is built.

Knight Gundam was pretty easy to put together - possibly the easiest of the three I've made so far. I'm thinking that it's partially because I'm now more familiar with the pieces and I can look at the runners and start to identify where all the bits will eventually end up. That and, it's just an easy kit. But whatever - I'll take my small victories!

Anyway, I'm happy with the result, and my little Knight looks rad with his gear on. My next kit is SD Gundam AGE-FX, which is another one that I picked out specifically because I like the suit's design. I haven't actually watched AGE, so I'm not sure about the pilot (I've heard he's kind of lame?), but the green parts look neato and I am always down for an extra splash of color in my model kits.