Outlook: My life in Japan

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As I'm sure a lot of my friends/family and internet-buddies and other readers are curious, I figured this was a good place to just talk about where you'll be able to keep up with me if you're interested in learning about life in Japan, life abroad, Japanese culture, etc.

Whenever I've got stories printed, I'll be adding links to them in my weekly link dump labeled "Friday Things." I'll make a special "Life in Japan" section whenever applicable for easy indexing. You get a freebie today, though - I made a video for Japanator about the Hello Kitty campaign that Mister Donut has going on.

A lot of cultural stuff, food-tasting, talking about nerd pilgrimages and other small bites will probably appear on Japanator. It could be something as simple as talking about seasonal sodas, a visit to one of the various nerd mecca around Japan, or talking about general sight-seeing stuff.

If I have something toy-related to share, like the latest hobby magazines or sharing pictures/reviews of various figures I may acquire during my time here, it'll probably appear on Tomopop. I'm still keeping Gunpla/model kit-building stuff here on GeekeryDo, though, and I already bought a kit last week that I'll be working on soon, so please look forward to that.

As for just GeekeryDo? I've got something for you, too. On Twitter, following a friend's lead, I'm going to be tweeting about my school lunch often as I can. It may not necessarily happen daily, but I'll try. I'll also try to discuss the daily lunch on this blog - the various dishes, what is in them, and where they come from. Yesterday, for example, we had a Korean dish, seaweed soup, and strawberries. School lunches are, by design, supposed to be balanced and healthful. I'm not simply tweeting/showing a picture of my food to the web void - it's more for the purpose of talking about what's on the tray, and like I just mentioned, why it's there.

Besides talking about the school lunch, and I'll make a separate post about why it's important/special soon, I've also decided I'd like to try doing a sketch a day. I bought a drawing pad the other day for this very reason, and I drew my first sketch already yesterday (Wednesday). I'll share that in a separate quick post and I'll make a new tag for them: "sketch a day." The sketches could be anything -- flowers or crops that are planted on school grounds, a student (not detailed enough to recognize the child, but perhaps a general impression of a general Elementary School student if I see something interesting), anime or cartoon characters, comics, you name it. Whatever I'm feeling at the moment that I've got some time for a sketch that day is what's going down on paper.

So, to wrap things up - your best bet to see what I'm writing about Japan is to check here every Friday for my link dump and checking the "Life in Japan" section for updates. Besides that, check back often (hopefully, daily) for regular content on GeekeryDo including, but not limited to, school lunch and sketch-a-day quickie posts, comics and book reviews, and my thoughts on whatever games I'm playing.

GeekeryDo is a nerd-style blog in which I discuss all kinds of things, and I intend to keep it that way. The Japan Life is just an extra spice.