Friday Things: 04/26 - No pity for Snape, and other stories

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[This week kind of flew by! I guess part of the reason why is because I had Monday off, hehehe. And this coming Monday? Also off! Score! 

Enjoy the weekend with a new edition of Friday Things~]

On Books:

"Stop Saying That Men Don't Read Women: It holds women writers back, and it's just not true." - there has been some talk lately about this subject, about whether men read books that are female-led and/or female-written, and it's only partially true. The bigger problem is the spread of this way of thinking, which only feeds the original misconception with more filth. An interesting read!

This has to be one of my favorite literary articles I've read in a while, titled "Severus Snape Does Not Deserve Your Pity." Before you start huffing and puffing at the very thought, please give it a read.




On Games:

One of my favorite old LucasArts games back in the day was Loom, and there's an awesome throwback article on The Mog Blog about it. Nostalgia is over 9000.

PAR recently featured a guest post by Daedalic Entertainment regarding games with 2D, hand-drawn animated art. It's a great read, regardless of my thoughts of their recent Chaos on Deponia. Daedalic draws their animations frame by frame, and it shows. Simply brilliant.

Though I absolutely love the LittleBigPlanet games, I haven't played any of them since I finished their story modes last year. I'm not sure how many folks still play this often, but there's a new Marvel Heroes Arcade Pack that looks absolutely delightful.



Shameless Self-Promotion:

My latest Japan-related video is about omiyage, or souvenirs and how they work here.

I also played the first episode of a western visual novel titled Dysfunctional Systems and reviewed it for Japanator.

I already gushed about it on Twitter, but seriously, this is the cutest little Hatsune Miku figure ever, ever.




Have some lovely Disney-inspired art to kick off your weekend, on display at Disneyland Resort's WonderGround Gallery.

One thing that I like about some comedians is they tend to have a true respect and love for language. The ones that stand out know the English language better than the average English professor, and as someone who studied linguistics, I find it fascinating. Eddie Izzard is one of those comedians who uses language to its fullest potential, and it looks like he not only wants to perform in English and French, but also German and Spanish, and later in Arabic and Russian. It's ambitious, but it's definitely a powerful signal. Read all about it on The Guardian. Seriously, do it.

Have you ever wondered what Batman villains might look like if their portraits were 1920s-style mugshots? You haven't? Well, it's time to wonder, then discover. (via Neatorama)

Yoda had a first name, which was (thankfully) trashed before his debut. Seriously, we dodged a bullet.