Friday Things: 04/12 - Sneaky Doctors and lovely pictures

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[Welcome to another week of Friday Things! Now that I'm on a schedule, it'll be much easier for me to keep up with this weekly feature and other stuff on this blog. Enjoy!]

On Books:

Flavorwire has a handy list on their page titled, "25 Books Every Kid Should Have on Their Bookshelf." Though I haven't read some of these titles and in some cases, even heard of them, it looks like a pretty solid list. I like that they started with The Little Prince. Definitely a must-read!

John Segel, who you may recognize from the new Muppets movie or perhaps Forgetting Sarah Marshall is writing a young adult book series! That's all we know now, though. I can't wait to check 'em out.

This serves as a reminder that as a reader, you don't owe anything to authors or particular book stores. You just owe it to yourself to keep reading what you love. And you can share your love of it if you feel like it. Or not.

If you're into historical fantasy novels, you might be pleased to learn that someone inserted The Doctor (yes, that one) into some titles. The idea is to make it not affect or interrupt the story - just add a little extra awesome to it.



On Disney:

And the award for most beautiful Disney princess-inspired rings goes to Gemvara! Gorgeous (via Fashionably Geek).

A sequel to Brave? Though I enjoyed the film, I'm not sure this needs to happen.



This week's big topic:

"Cosplay is not Consent."

As someone who has gone to events as a cosplayer before, I completely understand why this movement is gaining more recognition recently. The fact that people like to dress up at conventions is nothing new, but for dumb reasons, a lot of women are often harassed because of it -- people decide it's alright to cop a feel, make completely gross and inappropriate comments, and pick her body apart in online forums to discuss things like body shape or breast size in relation to the character she's dressed up as -- or worse, for no reason but to talk about her body and make gross assumptions about her personality.

It's because of this bad behavior, actually, that I stopped cosplay and stopped hanging around regular cosplayers -- the environment can be toxic despite being a fun and rewarding hobby. It doesn't have to be, though. And honestly, it shouldn't be. The first link (above) is about the movement, and you should absolutely read it. Here's a second link for a personal take on the issue by an industry professional who deals with harassment practically daily, titled "Why Do I Cosplay? Let Me Count the Ways."

If you aren't familiar with cosplay, here's a snapshot. It's basically any kind of costuming based on role-playing as or representing particular characters you love, with the roots of the word in "costume play." Generally, it applies to anime, manga, and games, but often anime conventions in the U.S. are combined with sci-fi and comics and more, so it kind of over-arches any kind of costume people wear at conventions in order to represent some of their favorite characters. Personally, all of my cosplay in the past have been based on anime characters from such titles as Gundam SEED, Bleach, Gravitation, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Fairy Tail. Mileage will vary.


I need this shirt, yes.

Juxtapose is nice in photographs normally, but sometimes it's just plain glorious. Some lovely folks over at Nagano prefecture captured cherry blossoms in bloom but surrounded by snow! Absolutely lovely.

Metacritic is problematic, and Jason Schreier over at Kotaku wrote a great article about why.

Thanks to climate change, we'll be feeling more turbulence while flying in the future.

Breaking into photography and want to share your images with the world? Photojojo has a handy page all set up with links to places that you'll probably fit in best, depending on what kind of photos you take. I'd like to note that, in the end, not one place is necessarily better than the other, but there are definitely trends.

[Alright, that looks good for this week. Remember, I'm always taking suggestions for links during the week, and the cosplay section is actually the direct result of a personal request by a friend! It's an important issue for sure, but I was on the fence about whether I'd bring it up here or not. In the end, it only helps to spread the word around more. Have a great weekend!]