Elementary School Lunch: 04/18 - cold pasta

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's lunch wasn't too exciting. First we've got some clam chowder, which was actually not too creamy or anything like I usually see it, and stuffed with veggies. And I think there was even ham inside that bowl. Then we've got a plate with cold pasta salad and some fish. Last, the cocoa-pan. The fish today was smelt and it was lightly battered and fried, and the pasta was spaghetti with some cucumber, carrots, and other things.

The cocoa-pan was another new one for me, and should be pretty self-explanatory. The flavor was, as usual, rather subtle and it wasn't too sweet. Actually, it was the highlight of my lunch today. The full meal, including milk, was 652 calories. I personally left out the broth of the clam chowder (main ingredient was milk), the milk carton, and my smelt which I gave to someone else. The above-photographed tray was someone else's.