Elementary School Lunch: 04/24 - Eat your veggies

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Yesterday's lunch was another delicious one. We had a mix veggie and seaweed bowl, a salad plate, some rice, and a chunk of orange for dessert.

The bowl had some pork mixed in, and as for the veggies, there was carrot, potato, edamame, and more mixed in there - all boiled. The salad had a little ham mixed in and was dressed in this creamy-yet-light stuff that had sesame seeds in it. The nutritionist described it to me as "like Caesar, but not." This stuff was definitely better.

As usual, I gave the milk back and after all the veggies plus that bit of orange, I was also too full to finish that rice. The calorie count for this meal was 675.