Elementary School Lunch: 04/30 - End the month with a...

Kristina PinoComment

It's the last day of April and I've enjoyed the last item of our menu for this month! When I got into work this morning, the new menu for May was there. A whole new month with a list of meals with slightly more calories than the ones we enjoyed in April. I wonder why that is? Maybe since it's getting a bit warmer, we're expected to need more energy? But at the very least, all of the meals still clock in under 700 calories.

Today's lunch featured trout (updated from last time - it looked like salmon, but wasn't!) as the main meat, with some salad, soup, rice, and a strawberry jell-o-type thing for dessert. This was a pretty huge meal, all things considered - I was definitely stuffed, even though I left half of the rice. By the way, we're in Golden Week right now, so yesterday was a holiday (no school!). This week, I'm only working Tuesday-Thursday, so unless I have some festival foods this weekend, I'll be taking a few days off from lunch posts until I'm back in the classroom next week.

Today was my first time eating trout. It was an alright experience - I'd do it again. It doesn't taste nearly as awful as the stuff smells.

The miso soup featured seaweed this time around, along with the tofu and other veggies. Our salad had this dressing that tasted a bit like peanut, but I was told by the nutritionist that it was actually sesame! It vaguely reminded me of tahini, and then I started craving hummus. Drat.

The dessert was basically a cross between strawberry preserves and strawberry jell-o. Both were part of it, and the thing was in the freezer at some point earlier in the day. By the time it got to us, it was easy to eat, but still quite frosty. Definitely a nice end to the meal.

Calorie count: 648.