Elementary School Lunch: 04/26 - That isn't curry

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's lunch was another delicious symphony of deliciousness, and since a few teachers were out today (three, to be exact), there were plenty of leftovers for people who wanted to get seconds. And... yeah, a few teachers went for it.

In the bowl, you'll see some curry-looking stuff, but it's actually beef stew with veggies. The plate had some salad, and our side was rice. The beef bowl had carrot, potato, edamame, and mushrooms added to it. As for the salad, the nutritionist changed it up with some asparagus mixed in with the cucumbers and lettuce, and the dressing had a bit of a citrus flavor to it.

As a side note, it's weird, but I'm actually craving salt now. Japanese folks don't usually over-season their food the way I was used to in Miami, and I find it bland at times. Today was one of those days that I would have added salt to either the stew or the rice, but didn't. I guess it's a good thing I'm having less of that?

Later on in the day, someone gave me some strawberry yogurt, so I guess that was my dessert! Happy Friday~ (calorie count for lunch, including the milk I didn't drink: 671)