Elementary School Lunch: 04/17 - mostly vegetarian

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's school lunch looked like this.

One plate had some salad with cucumber and ham mixed into it along with tamagoyaki, which is basically a roll of cooked egg. I guess it's similar enough to an omelet, but it really was rolled into a log and cut into chunks like the one above, so it isn't actually an omelet. The bowl has miso soup in it, but it isn't like the kind you usually get at restaurants I'm used to in Miami - it isn't simply a broth with tofu and seaweed in it. Rather, this soup had a bunch of veggies in it, and no seaweed whatsoever. Everyone ate it with chopsticks instead of a spoon, meaning we got to slurp out of the bowl.

This lunch clocked in 625 calories including the milk (seen a little on the edge there, but as usual, I didn't drink it). Considering how many veggies were in the soup, a lot of staff didn't finish the rice, either.