Elementary School Lunch: 04/15 - Popped my squid cherry

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today I ate squid for the first time, in the form of that fried deliciousness you can see on my salad plate. The salad itself was mixed seaweed with cucumbers and a couple other things. The soup was minestrone, which was also pretty delicious. Finally, we've got some bread on the side, which had a subtle sweetness to it - it's "milk bread." It's pretty much plain bread, but like I said, subtle sweetness.

Today's trivia via my principal is that the seaweed used for this kind of salad (called wakame) has nutrients that are good for your hair. He also mentioned that he prefers tougher meats like squid and octopus, so he ate today's lunch with much delight.

As usual, my tray is just missing the mini milk carton. Today's lunch (complete with milk) was calculated at 667 calories by our nutritionist.